Sebastian Kohl

Pale-skinned, red-eyed gunslinger with an undead dog.
Likes: Guns, grimly serving Death, snarling, shooting overall dummy dumm dumms (hence why Tristan Thend has been shot so many times)
Dislikes: Abraxas’ rolls, enemies with Heavy Cover
Loot: Bryce’s Pistol

d4: STR, Survival
d6: SMA, VIG, Guts, Fighting, Healing
d8: AGI, SPI, Intimidation
d12: Shooting
Power: None
Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: -2 Grit: 1
Hindrances: Grim Servant o’ Death, Ugly, Loyal
Edges: Ambidextrous, Beast Master, Two-fisted
Weapons: Peacemaker (.45), Winchester
Gear: Ammo, Gunbelt/Quickdraw Holsters, 2 Speed-loaders, Canteen, Bedroll, Duster, Box of Matches, Rope, Hat, Saddlebags
Livestock: Mule (Adelaide)

d4: Stealth
d6: SMA, SPI, STR, VIG, Guts
d8: Fighting
d10: Notice
Pace: 8 Parry: 5 Toughness: 4 Size: -1
Attacks: Bite (STR+d4), Go for the Throat (on a Fighting Raise, attacks weakest spot)

In 1836, Sister Mary Elizabeth Kohl was impregnated, the result of a rape from an amoral bandit. Turned away from her convent for what they saw as ‘impurity’ and forced to roam the streets in exile, she was forced to scramble and beg for her very survival. The only kindness she met was from a poor couple who allowed her to stay in their manger, for fear of her being discovered in their home.

On the coldest day of winter, under a blood-red moon, Sister Kohl went into labor. Father Daly, the priest of the nun’s church, seeing the birthing as sacrilege and an abomination before God, set fire to the manger, killing Sister Kohl and the animals within it, but not her nameless baby.

The boy was taken in by the poor couple, and in deference to his mother, was taken to the church to be baptized. Unbeknownst to the couple, the priest was the very one who had murdered Sister Kohl, and he sought to complete his work.

During the baptism, Father Daly revealed a blade, which he intended to use to end the life of the baby. He and the baby’s adoptive father wrestled over it, resulting in the priest’s accidental murder, his corpse falling into the baptismal water, blood washing over the newly christened ‘Sebastian.’

Born of fire, baptized in blood, Sebastian grew to learn that he could never escape death’s long shadow. It claimed the lives of his adoptive parents, that of his childhood friend. No school would take him, no orphanage dared keep him for long. He learned to forage and to hunt in order to survive.

At 13, Sebastian accidentally set fire to an animal shelter. Heroically he stepped into the blaze, trying to save what animals he could. The only one he found that was still living was a runt mongrel puppy, pinned under a plank of wood. Sebastian saved the pup, hoping to have a friend to hold on to even for a few moments before death inevitably claimed him.

To his astonishment, the puppy survived.

Sebastian gained a new purpose: thwarting death’s design, saving those who had been put in his path. Only those people, it seemed, could survive long enough around Sebastian to cure his eternal loneliness. Though even those he saved didn’t particularly feel like hanging around him for long…

At 17 he saved a tavern girl who was being attacked. They fell in love and married, had kids. Sebastian retired from his grim occupation as a harbinger of death/servant of life, and moved his family to live with the Akonguan tribe, a peaceful American Indian tribe that took him in. Sebastian learned to farm, learned about the spiritual properties of ‘spirit rock,’ befriended the black sheep of the Akonguan tribe, Sunracer, and was finally happy.

It didn’t last long.

Returning from a hunt, Sebastian found the village in flames. Rushing home, he found his family (and dog!) brutally slain, and some manner of devilish beast gnawing on the corpse of his daughter. He tried to intercede, but was overpowered by a pack of the animals. As they mauled him, he spied a shadowy figure grinning at the proceedings, the mouth wider and filled with more teeth than humanly possible, a top hat on his head and a forget-me-not pinned to his lapel. Sebastian could sense that this figure commanded these beasts somehow, though he couldn’t tell how he knew it. But he’d never forget that damned grin, his last vision as the creatures finished their work.

Sebastian was killed that day.

Sebastian was reborn that day.

A piece of spirit rock, suffused with the energy of the spirits of the departed, was mysteriously buried into his chest, resurrecting him. The spirits of the departed impressed upon him the task of using his violent ways to bring them peace. Reborn in fire, baptized in the blood of his friends and family, Sebastian was given a new purpose: vengeance.

With a second piece of found rock, Sebastian’s faithful dog was resurrected as well, Sebastian foregoing solace in the comfort of any one of his family members, instead choosing his oldest companion, and the one friend who can help him find bloody retribution. He’s not given up hope of ever finding friendship again; he will still intercede when it appears that death is going to claim another innocent victim. But woe to him on whom Sebastian focuses his quest for revenge.

Questions of his past:

Of the few who know Sebastian’s past, some (gossips and storytellers, mostly) believe that the strange events of his birth and christening inadvertently served as a sacrifice to some demon or dark god, who either lurks within Sebastian, or merely stays with him, invisible but deadly, biding his time and growing in strength while feeding upon the souls that he reaps through Kohl.

Others (the ‘conspiracy theory’ type) believe that his mothers’ impregnation and murder, his bloody baptism, even the murder of the Akongua tribe, have all been intentionally orchestrated by the same hand in order to make Sebastian the being he is today. To what end, no one can say.

And there are still others (religious types) who believe that Sebastian may very well be the anti-christ. While the story goes that Sister Kohl was raped, there’s no proof to support the claim; many think that she, like the Madonna herself, was impregnated immaculately, though from a more infernal source than Christ. On top of this, Sebastian was born in a manger, wandered the streets performing unbelievable miracles (though in Sebastian’s case, these ‘miracles’ involved miraculous coincidences resulting in someone’s death), he was murdered, and he arose from the dead.

Hell, who’s to say all three aren’t true? Who’s to say the truth isn’t something a million times worse?

The gamemaster, I reckon…

Sebastian Kohl

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