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Story so far…

Game 0 – Characters built.

Game 1 – Sebastian, Edgar, Tristan, and Will are shanghaied by Widowmaker. He sends them to Coffin Rock to contact his associate Wormwood and to investigate disturbances. The posse’s automated train is attacked by bandits. They discover their first Blood Man as they come within sight of Coffin Rock.

Game 2 – Renfield and Sunracer meet up with the posse, having had similar experiences with Widowmaker. The Blood Man is defeated. Edgar rents rooms at a hotel (Tristan goes to bed early) and the posse heads to the nearest saloon for dinner and information. A few hands of cards later, Wormwood is discovered. The posse heads to the church at his suggestion.

Game 3 – Edgar meets some very pleasant churchgoers. The posse goes to the forest, searching for Reverand Cheval, the head of the church. They find Shelly Pearl, daughter of the town founder, fighting a Blood Man, and come to her aid. The posse climbs Coffin Rock (the mountain) and Sunracer, Tristan, Renfield, and Will all have vision quests. Some zombies are dealt with on the way to the Cooked Earth Mine.

Game 4 – Will and Renfield stand guard outside as the rest of the posse investigate the mine. After disarming a trap at the elevator, they meet up with some ghosts and Sunracer and Tristan agree to allow Woody and Francis to possess them. The posse catches their first glimpse of Reverand Cheval and a fight with several Blood Men ensues. Upon their defeat, the earth spirit Tacheene is freed, and he heals wounds, restores MP, and makes Sebastian’s creepy eyes a shade less red. Then the posse jumps into The Portal.

Game 5 – The posse is dispersed all over town. Sebastian has a duel with Marshall Bryce at the graveyard. The rest of the posse surround his deputies and make short work of them. Abraxas fucks them up. The lone survivor is so scared of Sebastian he pisses and shits all over Sunracer’s feet. Tristan takes Bryce’s pistol. The door to the chuch is broken down and battle is joined, but it is too late to stop Cheval from summoning a demon. Sunracer is so freaked out she gains a “big things with wings” phobia. Sebastian kills Cheval and Tristan kills the demon. Edgar claims Cheval’s ritual knife and the posse is hesitant to interact with his grimoire. After a brief siesta, the posse learns that Wormwood is missing.

Game 6 – The posse follow the trail, meet and are betrayed by Errol Silas Proof, and rescue Wormwood.

Game 7 – Enter Purty Boy’s Posse! Moon Bloodgood is rescued from the hangman’s noose and a daring chase ensues.

Game 8 – The posse is tasked with locating Errol’s good buddy whats-his-name. Also Werewolves.

Game 9 – Vs Cthulhu

Game 10 – Dream Sequence

Game 11 – Bicksford

Game 12 – Train Ride, Wendigo

Game 13 – Switch track, The Catamount, Meet Adam

Game 14 – The Hulk


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